Friday, February 18, 2011


Somehow it makes me feel dirty, like admitting that I own an authentic Tijuana velvet Elvis painting, but somehow not dirty enough! I’m referring to using this blog as a way to sell you the viewer a poster. So here goes my best Ron Popeil sales pitch. Ready?

NEW, hot off the press 11X17 Automotive Photography posters! Printed on glossy 10pt cardstock (except the blue ’34 Ford, it’s printed on 100lb glossy poster paper) for the low price of $13 dollars each, plus $1 dollar to cover shipping and handling. (By the way what is handling and why are we charged for it?) But wait there’s more! Buy four or more posters and they are $10 each!

But wait there’s even more! There is a safe and easy ordering shopping cart set up on my web site with even more posters, prints and art for sale. Hang them on the wall next to your velvet Elvis! Act now operators are standing by.

Pheeew…I feel dirty after that sales pitch…I think I need a shower.

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