Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grand National Roadster Show 2011

You know it’s funny. The longest running indoor car show (62 years now), The Grand National Roadster Show, takes place just a few miles from my house. And I didn’t want to bring my Camera. I just wanted to walk around and look at cars without hauling all that camera gear. Still...I couldn’t resist I dragged my camera along and strapped the rest of the gear onto my back. I also made my 11-year old son carry some of my equipment, but that came with a price. He gets hungry and the hot dogs are $9.00!! No kidding $9.00 dogs! $9.00 dollars to eat mashed up foreskins, kneecaps and sphincters!

Ok, back to cars and photos: This year was an exceptional year! Amazing cars, beautiful paint, design, interiors etc. It is literally an over load of the senses. My feet ached so bad, I considered hacking them off with a dull hatchet; it couldn’t have hurt any worse! I wouldn’t dare post all the photos I took on this blog; it would be too much to post, but enjoy these photos of some of the most beautifully built cars on the planet.

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