Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Digital and Analog Nonsense!

The English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel discovered this procedure in 1842. In a typical procedure, equal volumes of an 8% solution of Potassium Ferricyanide and a 20% solution of Ferric Ammonium Citrate are mixed. This photosensitive solution is then applied to a receptive surface and allowed to dry in a dark place. Cyanotypes can be printed on any surface capable of soaking up the iron solution.

I take my digital photographs, and turn them into a negative via photoshop, then print the negative on an ink jet printer on clear film, and wallah! A negative now turned into a positive print by exposing the print in sunlight. Various chemical processes can turn the monochromatic blue prints into other colors, or hand painting them with water color paints adds a nice warm touch. Take a look at some of the '34-'35 Ford Hot Rods I have photographed and recently printed.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Digital + Analog=

As promised here are a few more photos. This time rather than print them on water color paper, they are printed on plywood. I rather like the warm, fuzzy look to it. What do you think?

Monday, December 20, 2010

An analog lifestyle in a digital age.

In this age of digital music, digital television, digital recordings, digital watches, digital radios, digital books, and digital photography, creativity can become pent up pixilated and frustrated. Fret not my friends there is an escape from the conformity of digital cubism. All that we are and all that we see isn’t always a serious of 10101000001110100. Many a time the hands and mind desire the old fashioned way of doing things, the analog way. The warm fuzzy tones of our past analog life are like a comfortable pair of old shoes that we just can’t bring ourselves to throw away. I swear to you that listening to a Fats Domino 45 on an old Silver Tone record player produces notes and bass tones that somehow were cast aside in the digital process of burning a CD. I will put my hand on a stack of Bibles and swear to this.

Lately the desire to get back into alternative photography has been overwhelming. After all its been years since I’ve done it. I think digital and analog can coexist just fine, and mixed together can create new methods to old processes. Take for instance this print. A digital photo printed by an ink jet printer onto iron on paper, then ironed onto a cotton water color paper. It looks identical to a Polaroid transfer. Stay tuned for more alternatively processed photos and prints! They are on their way!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis' the season for Capitalism!

Yes, it is time for another capitalist blog. Another Bonneville poster...11X17....only $12-bucks each$2 dollar postage and poster tube. Only 100 printed.If anyone is interested, send me an e-mail to, I will then reply with pay-pal link. You don't need a pay-pal account in order to buy. Thanks for reading this worst of all blogs.