Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gene Winfield

Saturday October 13th was the 5th annual Winfield & Watson Car show. The Mojave Desert was a gathering of custom cars, muscle cars, and even wild indescribable Mad Max post apocalyptic cars. There was food, music, art, pinstripers, and fun. The proceeds from the art auction went to benefit Alzheimer’s research. 

Forget what you see on your color TV! Disregard the perfectly graffiti’d muraled walls, and sagging pants employee’s. That’s not what a real custom car shop looks like. A real shop, has decade’s worth of wear, tools that are used, dust, scraps, used sand paper, piles of bumpers, doors, grills and boxes filled with parts that are still waiting to get used. There’s no surround sound system blaring hop hip music, a beat up paint stained radio, hung on the wall, with a wire hanger is all there is likely to be. This is where the work of one man, and his skelton crew takes place. Gene Winfield, building custom cars since 1946, a real craftsman, a real legend.