Friday, September 14, 2012

Back From Bonneville

 Ok, it is September 14th now, I need to update this thing. Bonneville has been over for a month now, and I have yet to post any pictures on this blog. So, it is time to change that. My experience with tent camping is worn out on me. 1st night there, Thursday, a wild wind and rain storm blew my awning away in the middle of the night, I ran around in my underwear at 2am trying to catch it as it rolled an tumbled nearly an 1/8 mile away before AI caught it. A few minutes later my tent started to blow away! I nailed it down, but it shook and shimmied like Michael J Fox on Red Bull, those 50mph gusts tried their best to fold it in half! Next morning my son had food poisoning from a fast food joint we ate at the day before, he got better by the end of the day.

More wicked rain on Friday flooding parts of the salt flats. Saturday was the only evening that it didn't blow or rain with ferocity, and the only evening/afternoon photo shoot I was able to squeeze in.

Sunday evening more wind and rain, and Monday more wicked wind, my son looked at me asked if we could go home, it was Monday night, the weather won, but not before taking a bunch of photos.