Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Photography Out Takes

Most folks don’t see the amount of photos that end up on the “cutting room floor”; of course now that nearly all media is now digital there is no “cutting room floor”. What most people never get to see are the hundreds and hundreds of photos (out takes) taken that never see the light of day. Take for instance this Tech article. A pal of mine, RJ, is building this righteous gasser Chevelle. Between the hundreds of photos I took with the pin-up girl and the hundreds of photos of RJ working on it at his shop there must be nearly 500 or so photos of this particular vehicle. Of course some are better than others. I will refrain from showing all 500 (for obvious reasons), so dig these few out takes that never made it into print. Oh by the way this and three other stories, by yours truly are in the new Jan 2012 issue of Car Culture Deluxe.