Monday, January 24, 2011

Blue stain on my brain

Ok, so I finally got a new ink cartridge for my Canon ink jet printer, which means I can finally print the negative I designed a week ago. Also, I purchased a full Darkroom set up! Yes, a real darkroom set up. I plan on diving back into black and white photography, with real film. More on that when it arrives and I get it set up.

In the mean time here is the Cyanotype print I made today. I took this photo at Bonneville two years ago and turned it into this Cyanotype collage. Enjoy. Printed on 11X15 watercolor paper. Its for sale too, $50 bones and it is your to keep.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Balanced & Blueprinted

I'll do anything to avoid actual work! That's why I put together this new Cyanotype. I'm about 96% percent done on the book, but I had to do something creative for a few hours. I came up with this cyanotype collage. Printed on 11X15 heavy grade water color paper. It's for sale too! I just had to throw in my shameful plug on this lame blog! I spent a few hours creating a new negative for another hot rod collage. Stay tuned, I haven't turned it into a print yet. I'd ask for you to leave a comment, but most people just look.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mixed media madness….

… or is it just madness? I’ll be truthful here. I’m not sure about these two pieces. Yes, I did take the photos with my trusty Canon 5D MK II camera, but I wanted to try something different. I scanned ads out of some old 50’s and 60’s girlie mags, arranged them in a collage and printed them on water color paper with my ink jet printer. Next I printed one of the photos I took onto heat transfer paper (Iron On). Then ironed said photo onto the girlie ads. The goal was to create a Polaroid transfer looking image with out the cost and mess of an actual emulsion lift. Tomorrow I’m going to spray one of the prints with automotive grade Dupont Chorma clear. Will it work or will it fail, is it art or is it crap?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pissed at the Post Office!

Ok so this technically doesn’t have anything to do with Photography, but then again it kind of does. So I get this package in the mail today. Stamped allover the envelope “DO NOT BEND” the jackasses at the US Postal service of course, bent it in half. Then they have huge hairy cojones to put a sticker on it Saying “Received in Damaged Condition” I say Bullshit to that. Today I get an e-mail from a guy who ordered some posters from me over 25 days ago. I sent his posters on the 16th of December and finally they arrived today on the 4th of Jan…..TWENTY DAYS LATER!!! I could have walked to Texas and hand delivered the posters to him in less that twenty days time.

Hang on the story gets better! Yesterday, I resent him another set of posters via Fed Ex 3-day select in a poster tube encased in a box for the sum of $22 dollars shipping. I told him to go ahead and keep both sets of posters; since it’s neither of our faults the US Postal system is broken. Oh…to keep this auto related, I included a shot of a ’49 Ford I am sending to a magazine for a feature and cover. Phew…now this blog is relevant again.