Thursday, January 13, 2011

Balanced & Blueprinted

I'll do anything to avoid actual work! That's why I put together this new Cyanotype. I'm about 96% percent done on the book, but I had to do something creative for a few hours. I came up with this cyanotype collage. Printed on 11X15 heavy grade water color paper. It's for sale too! I just had to throw in my shameful plug on this lame blog! I spent a few hours creating a new negative for another hot rod collage. Stay tuned, I haven't turned it into a print yet. I'd ask for you to leave a comment, but most people just look.


  1. oh so nice

    would love one of these for a frame at work

    hdh / hamber

  2. i would love to have this hanging on my wall, but i would hate to think what the postal service would do to it between the USA and Australia!!!
    if it got here at all!!!

  3. I have shipped posters to Australia before. I put them in a tube that way it makes it harder for the idiots to destroy them.

    Send me an e-mail @

    we'll talk turkey.