Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Duesenberg and the 4th of July

In this amazing digital age, our cars operate like a home entertainment center rather than an actual automobile. Telephone’s, touch screen LCD’s with navigation, streaming movies, live satellite link up to an online diagnostic center, climate controlled seats with built in ergonomic support, and engines so technically complex 98% of men today would have no idea what do if it  stopped working.  I love technology, and progress. But I also love the old mechanical engine technology. We call it old, or vintage, but it was cutting edge during its time. It was the best man could create.
Take for example this unrestored 1926 Duesenberg engine. No CAD design or CNC machining went into creating any of the parts, yet here we are 86 years later and it will still reliably start and drive. Some may look at this and see a dirty outdated piece of junk. I look at it and see art, beauty, reliability and true American craftsmanship. 
Happy 4th of July America, no matter what the news networks tell us, or a bloated irrelevant career politician tells us, we are, and can still be just as innovative, and strong as our past. Some may look at this country, and view it with the same eyes as they view this engine, dirty and outdated; I see beauty, reliability and craftsmanship. The constitution may be old, but it is still as reliable as the day it was written. Read the Declaration of Independence, read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It was the best man could create and still runs fine after all these years.