Monday, April 23, 2012

The Tovar Brothers

It matters not what walk of life you may come from, commitment, passion and dedication know no social class, economic climate, race, creed, or color. Car guys, we’re all the same, whether it is on the ¼ mile strip, the oval course, the Boulevard, or the dirt track. We love what we do, and we do what we love, furthermore; we’re passionate about it. Take for perfect example the Tovar Brothers. Growing up in their humble home in Hawaiian Gardens California, these brothers carved for themselves a respectable reputation as solid custom car builders. Starting in their youth, in the family two car garage, is where their collective talent blossomed. Decades later they still have the same dedication and passion for car building.
Call them what you may, Lowriders, hot rodders, lead sled builders…..I’ll call then genuine, honest and real. I was privileged to have spent a few hours on Sunday with them shooting photos of their exquisite rides. What you see here are the outtakes, the better photos will be in the Lowrider book that Marco Patino and myself are shooting and writing. Stay tuned for more. 


  1. Well stated!! The traditional car I guys I hang with are always amazed at the work/passion put into so many of the "lowrider" rides. Another thing, which shouldn't be surprising is also how damn cool and hospitable these guys are when you show up at one of there picnic/show & shines.
    Really look forward to the Lowrider book!
    Bill "Garrettero" Garrett

  2. Great stuff! They deserve it and more!

  3. Great Blog. The Tovars deserve it -- and more!

  4. Help me find the way to get my dream car!!!!!!! I own a 1938 chevy coupe basket case all in pieces. I also own a 1938 master deluxe series 2dr sedan runs