Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Do you remember film? How about slide film? I remember just 10 years ago when I would go to the Bonneville Salt Flats to catch the races, and besides a case of my favorite cold drink, I would have a case of my favorite film. Usually it was Fuji Velvia. (Yes….I did keep the film in the Ice chest till I was ready to use it.) The brilliant colors of that chrome film are still unparalleled today. Here’s to the good old days.

Today, I have about five rolls of unprocessed film sitting in a cabinet just waiting. There’s no close places anymore to get medium format rolls processed! It used to be that a couple miles in any direction you could find a lab to process your film. Now the nearest place is twenty miles away! Twenty miles there and twenty miles back. Then you got to go pick up the film in a week so there is another forty miles tacked onto the trip. Add $4 dollar a gallon gas into the mix and a vehicle that only gets 15 miles a gallon. It gets expensive. On display are a couple of frames from a roll I took about 11 or 10 years ago on good ol’ fashioned Fuji Velvia film. It’s fun to reminisce isn’t it? Were the good ol days really that good? I have to admit I love my digital camera when I think of the instant gratification of photography.


  1. I remember film... and that photo shoot!

  2. as i sit here reading your blog i look up at my wall and see photos you've taken of my family--on film. :)cynthia

    (stupid google won't let me log in)