Wednesday, June 15, 2011

El Mirage

It’s a fever, it’s a disease, it’s an addiction…It’s a lifestyle! I’m talking about land speed racing, racing on the dry lakes of the southern California desert or on the salt beds of ancient Lake Bonneville. Yes, I guess I have to admit it is a lifestyle for me.

When summer time rolls around most folks dream of taking vacations in an Exotic Island location, a distant shoreline, or some overpriced theme park where a rabbit mouse siphons’ money from your wallet! I dream of heading for the hostile parched climate of the dirt or salt to watch purpose built cars go really fast in a straight line. I’m not alone in this affliction thousands around the world are hopeless victims as well, there is no cure other than looking forward to the next race. I have now passed this affliction onto my two sons. I’m surprised that they will willingly spend countless hours in the desert sun watching roadsters move along at 250 mph!

This June the weather was perfect at El Mirage! A great time to take photos!

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