Monday, March 21, 2011

No Trespassing means great photography!

A rolling Reo Speed Wagon gathers no moss! And I’m not talking about that fecal laden rock ballad band from the ‘70’s either! It makes me sad to see this old Reo truck turning into a salad.

A devilish coven of towering trees are attempting to conceal the crime that is taking place beneath their canopies. A legion of the forest flora and fauna struggle upward like the arms of an undead army. Those strangling arms weave and wind their way around the immobile Speed Wagon and pull it back into the earth. I swear I can almost hear their whispers and groans as they conspire to destroy what is left of the old REO. It’s both beautiful and sad all at the same time.

Another thing that makes me sad is hearing that horrible band on the radio that stole their names sake from this line of trucks.


  1. Please call or email me! I am restoring a 1946 REO and would be very interested in where this truck is located at. Im from NW Missouri

    816 387 1428

    Seriously, please contact me

  2. Sorry friend. It was a year ago and I live in southern California, this shot was taken somewhere in rural Oregon. I found the truck quite by accident and ignored all the trespassing signs and barbed wire. I would have no idea where this road is where I found this.