Sunday, July 3, 2011

AMA vs. Photoshop !

What is this world coming to?!?!? Since when does the AMA try and dictate to me as a photographer which tools and equipment I am allowed to use? My god, what is wrong with this country? Does the AMA and other bleeding hearts whose rallying cry “Think of the Children” know anything of the history of mankind?

The ancient Mayans used to put their children’s heads between two boards when they were toddlers to elongate their skulls, because they thought it looked beautiful. Certain tribes in Africa have been altering their bodies for millennia because they think it looks beautiful. Ancient Egyptians like Cleopatra wore make up and eyeliner to alter their appearance, because they thought it looked beautiful. Modern women use push up bras, nylon/silk stockings, corsets, wigs, hair dye, lip stick, boob jobs, liposuction, nose jobs and piercings the list goes on and on.

Before Photoshop existed, advertisers used makeup artists, air brush artists and lighting experts to make a women look glamorous. It’s nothing new since the first caveman drew pictures of his girlfriend on the cave wall with big boobies, mankind has always sought to enhance our looks.

We now have warning labels on everything! Cigarettes (remember when the AMA doctors used to endorse cigarettes as “good for the throat”) Music CD’s and even ladders! Now they want to put warning labels on photography.

How has the Gore family mentality taken hold of this country? Remember tipper Gore and her crusade against the music industry? Now we have warning labels on music. Al Gore and his crusade against the internal combustion engine (while he flies across the country in his private jet and owns a fleet of SUV’s) and now the hypocrisy of the AMA, an organization of doctors that used to endorse tobacco companies now wants to tell me what tools I am allowed to use or not use in my photography. I say to them the words that Jesus once said “physician, heal yourself!”

PS. Am I helping to destroy America's youth by using Photoshop to crop, and adjust light and color in these photos? Let me know.


  1. I agree it is tool used to enhance a photo like a bigger camshaft is used to enhance performance in a auto!!

  2. Your not doctoring these photos, your nursing them. Just a little enhancement to make things optimal.
    (I wasn't going for a plastic surgery analogy...oh well)
    The color on the Caddy and the shadows on the sledge-girl are nice and subtle enhancements.
    I can't control the lighting situations in most of my outdoor photos (car shows) but I'm skilled enough to get close...then PS enhance.
    Good stuff!

  3. I agree! I love the part about the Caveman Drawings (is that documented somewhere). It is like a journalist using spell check.