Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1949 Mercury

South Central LA, a section of the City of Angel's who’s reputation is anything but angelic. It may seem to some that this part of the city is about as far south of heaven that one can get. Still, it is home to many residents of all types. One such resident, this 1949 Mercury, daily prowls the south central streets and attracts all types of stares from passersby. As I write this blog, the Mercury will be gone within the week. Soon, it will be packed into a cargo container and on its way to the United Kingdom. I’m glad I got to shoot her before she disappears from these shores forever.

Once again sorry for the lame watermarks, but some bone smugglers have been stealing my work and posting it on their blogs!

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely stunning shots, great low level shots like this i personally think brings the best out of this awesome ride. "Chapeaux bas" mate.