Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter Siege

Old man winter and his minions have laid siege to the northern hemisphere. Battlefronts are slowly grinding their way across the continents. A Canadian invasion has begun, frost biting atmosphere is assaulting the southern clime, one by one elevated passes are closing and mountains are becoming impassable. Despite the economic cesspool California has mutated into, these are the times that I’m actually glad I live here. Though it will take but a tick to push me in the opposite direction; momentarily I’m still glad to be here. Where would I rather spend my winter months? Look at the photo above and look at the one beneath. For now the choice is obvious.


  1. Looks like I am choosing California, in spite of the idiots who run this state (into the ground). Maybe because I stick it out here is why they take such a huge advantage over us and pass assinine laws and waste our dollars. Oh, what a deliteful prison this state has become!
    Oh, well. It could be worse, (don't worry, that is coming, too!)

  2. some of choose the first pic, although i don't know why