Thursday, October 28, 2010

The anti-pin up girl photoshoot.

So I've had this vision in my head for a while now. I've been wanting to do this anti-pin up girl photo shoot. While there are many, many amazing pin-up photographers, there are more out there that just don't cut the mustard. By the way it's really easy to cut mustard, I really have no idea where that saying came from, but I digress.

I see too many poorly thought out pin-up girls and pin-up girl shoots. It seems that many people have this idea that a girl needs to be covered in tattoos and have barrel rolls in her hair. NOT SO! I think you can create dangerous and sexy without having to subscribe to the whole greaserbilly imagery.

I wanted to create a shoot where the girl has attitude, looks and so does the location. A real Pachuca type of anti-pin up girl. She'll steal your heart and your wallet all at the same time. Think of Rita Hayworth in Gilda. A beautiful woman, with flowing hair, but one you can't trust for a minute. But mix it with a back alley raw and gritty feel. Yeah, I know Rita Hayworth wasn't a Pachuca or homegirl, but her character Gilda was still beautiful and bad all at the same time.

Let me know what you think, did it work or did I flat line?


  1. It worked great! but put up some more shots too.

  2. I think it is wonderful. How refreshing to look at a model in a car shot and not cringe at cleavage and legs. Instead I did feel a sense of drama and menace. Well done!

  3. worked great, the cigarette did add that 50s lustful and seductive punch. the lack of body art also added to that "Gilda" look you achieved.


  4. she's gorgeous. love the baggy pants. she reminds me of the tough mexi girls at ramona jr. high who'd say to me, "you better watch your back". i wanted to shout back, "but i'm a mexican like you! play nice" although this girl on your blog is gorgeous. it's the attitude that gave me that flashback.

  5. Who's the model? She rocks!

  6. Who is the model...she rocks. much better role model than the 'pin up girls'