Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stinkin Kids

Yeah, yeah, every parent wants to show off photos of their kids, Im no different. What can I say? Only these aren’t mushy face newborn photos. No baldheaded, splotchy skin, eyes shut photos here. I would never subject anyone to newborn shots, after all, all newborns look the same…cone shaped heads, googly eyes (when they are actually opened) and we’re all supposed to melt with oohhh’s and ahhh’s when we see them. Nope not me.

The other night, on a whim, I told my sons let's have a photo shoot right here in the living room. Of course their savage little minds took this and ran. My youngest son dressed in a sheet like a toga with briefs on his head with his tongue sticking out the pee hole! Oh, what the hell have I done? After my ranting and raving and yelling at them not to act like idiots, they showed up next in their underwear, flexing like Mr. Olympia! Oh hell NO! What do you want me to do, go to jail for kiddie porn?! Anyone remember that episode of Different strokes where some perverted old man asked little Arnold to dress in his underwear and flex? Nooooo, not me.

This was turning out to be mistake, hyper active kids prancing around in their underwear making fart noises and wanting to pose while doing it! Finally they calmed down long enough for me to take a few serious photos. My oldest son even took a few photos me. He directed me how to pose, where to look etc. Kids….they’ll make you want to split your skull open with a dull butter knife one moment, then make you glad you didn’t the next.

Was I like that when I was a kid? Nope, I was worse.


  1. Hey I can comment now, and I'm the first one! Love the pictures, although I am a little biased. Laughed at your retelling of the events too. Always get a chuckle at the way you write things.
    Carolyn (wife, not sister)

  2. kids DO make you wanna split your skull open with a dull butter knife. hee hee.

    love the pics of the little critters.