Sunday, July 25, 2010

July is almost over

For those two or three people on the planet who may actually read this post, I am under contract by a publishing company called CarTech. CarTech publishes books on how to build say a small block Chevy or Ford. Currently I am working on producing a book all about rusted old pick up trucks found lying in fields and barns across America. The book will be a hardbound “coffee table” type photography book; it should be available for sale at any book store some time in early 2011.
It’s easy to imagine that traveling around the country looking for vehicles hiding in the brush and in barns is quite an adventure, and it is. On my travels, avoiding the large cross country interstate highways is my biggest goal. Rather taking sideways and byways has led me to some amazing sights in our country. Most of which I try to capture with my lens in search of trucks. Its truly about the journey rather than the destination.
As July melts away into August, I wanted to show a few of the out takes and other shots I have been fortunate enough to see. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did finding them. Stay tuned for further travelogue updates.


  1. i will buy the book mike. love the skies almost more than the cars!

  2. Mee too! All I can say is get your butt back up to Oregon before the summer turns to fall.